DAY 165 – Virtual Coin Portfolio – Start Amount 10.000 USD, +502 % ; 60.200 USD – “Outlook 2018. What can we expect”?


! Cyber Coin Team wishes you and your families a happy new year !

Recap and Outlook 2018

After two weeks of break from the krypto markets we retrun today to our trading desk. We hope you could as well
take some days off and enjoy a great winter time with your kryto coin profits.
Our break was great and we hope to aquire some great retruns in 2018, knowing that this year will be much harder to trade as 2017.

Despite the fact that the Bitcoin had some heavy correction down to 10.000 USD, we already see a nice comeback
after the holyday Season is ending today.

Our balanced Portfolio Approach kept the return pretty stable over this weak period. With our Ripple Investment we could reach a 700% return in 3 weeks.

Therefore we could alreday reach a new all time high at 502% in our Portfolio.

CCC Portfolio Top Movers are:

Ripple +720,6%
TenX +418%
LTH +404%
ETH +293%
IOTA +211%


Transactions and rating adujstments:

We do not change Ratings in KW 1


If the Bitcoin jumps over the 16000 USD Level, a new bull run could take place well above 20000 USD.
We analysed smaller coins over the holyday Season. We will expand our Portfolio with leading small Altcoin
businesses as we expect the coin market to move up in the first month of the new year.
Furthermore we expect much more volatility in 2018.

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We wish you nice Profits.
Your Cyber Coin Team

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