DAY 183 – Virtual Coin Portfolio – Start Amount 10.000 USD, +340 % ; 44.000 USD ” Global Meltdown Why?. What can we expect? “

Recap and Outlook 2018

In the last 24 h global krypto markets dropped by 50% from ist highs. Our Portfolio is affected as well. We lost 35%.
We are not selling the Panic now. As this Portfolio is desinged for the Long run, we stay invested in the top Krypto currencies.

Reason for heay market reaction:

  • China potential stop of kryto currency exchanges and mining
  • South Korea – potential stop of kryto currency exchanges and mining
  • Gobal Banks will stop Transfers to kryto exchanges

CCC Portfolio Top Movers are:


Transactions and rating adujstments:

We do not change Ratings, we watch the markets


We closely Monitor market reactions. Panic selling is not an Option.
We expect further heavy volatility, and short Panic Peaks.
We expect a new uptrend, if this trend is strong we see a new bull run, if not
markets will go down way more.

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We wish you nice Profits.

Your Cyber Coin Team

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