DAY 62 – Virtual Coin Portfolio – Start Amount 10.000 USD, +62,2 % ; 16.221 USD ” ongoing negative sentiment ” Cash is King “

Market Update:

Global coins markets still in downtrend due to negative News from China. Upcoming hard fork with more negative News on Bitcoin.

Our Portfolio is Overall very sold with a Performance of 62%.

We stay with a very high cash Level of 58% until end of October


CCC Portfolio Top Movers are:

TenX +154%
Bitcoin +37%
ETH +23%

Transactions and rating adujstments:

We put stop by order for btc in the market.
Price Levels USD: 2800 10% cash ; 2500 10% 2100 10% 1800 10% 1500 % 1000 10%


We still expect negative coin markets until end of October !!
Our CCC Chart Analyser (Elliot Wave based trading tool) we right with a Price high at 4800 USD for one bitcoin. We expect ongoing negativ momentum with sell off waives down to a Level of 2000 USD in BTC.
We put stop buy oders in the market.
We do not buy any alt coins or ICOs at the moment as the downtrend is increaseing its momutum, which is a very negativ Signal.

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