DAY 79 – Virtual Coin Portfolio – Start Amount 10.000 USD, +75,9 % ; 17.588 USD ” sell ALT-Coins – Buy Bitcoins”


Market Update:

Global coins markets with first positive signals since China meltdown.
All Altcoins with very negative Momentum, Only leading coins with strong Signals, e.g. Bitcoins and Etherium, NEO
Our Portfolio is Overall very sold with a Performance of 76%.

CCC Portfolio Top Movers are:

TenX +155 %
Bitcoin +73%
ETH +45%


Transactions and rating adujstments:

Sell; Decent and Steem
Buy 1 Bitcoin at 4600 USD



Bitcoin with very strong momentum. Hard Fork end of November seems to be a non Event.
We rate all altcoins as sell. Only main Blockchains with a buy Rating, Bitcoin, ETH, NEO

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