Follow our Virtual Coin Portfolio – Start Amount 10.000 USD, New Record High !! “Day 20” +88,4% ; +8841,00 USD

Market Update:

Global Coin Markets with ongoing very bullish Momentum. Bitcoin as leading global currency remain at all time highs around 3800 USD
We are very proud that we have with TENX and NEO the top 2 coins out of the TOP 20 world wide coins gainers in our Portfolio. TENX has the highest momentum within global Top 20 coins and very high buying volumes.
NEO has the hightest momentum within global Top 10 coins with very high buying volumes as well.
With NEO we stay to our outperform Rating.


CCC Portfolio Top Movers are:

TenX +594%
NEO +98% (selected 08.08.2017)
Bitcoin +40,7%
ETH +40,8%
Decent +38,9%
EOS -7,5%
Steem -19,2%

Transactions and Rating adujstments:

We reduce TENX to hold from strong buy. TENX reached our buying Limit. 500m Market value for the coins seems to be fair.
On levels above 0.0175 btc we will sell 10% an start with partial Exits, as we expect now very high volatility

We upgrade EOS to buy, as the coins did not see any upwards trend. We expect positve News with new momentum


Bitcoins with very good momentum. We expect Levels of 4000 USD on btc due to the upcoming segwit activation.
Our CCC Chart Analyser (Elliot Wave based trading tool) estimates a Price Target of Bitcoins of 4000 USD within the next 4 weeks.
TenX with Price targets around 0.02 BTC per PAY token.
NEO Token with a soft bull back, we expect high momentum next week with new Price levels around 50 USD

Follow our Virtual Coin Portfolio – Start Amount 10.000 USD – Day 1 +6% ; +587,00 USD

Follow our Virtual Coin Portfolio – Start Amount 10.000 USD

Day 1 +6% ; +587,00 USD

We had an exzellent start of our Viritual Coin Portfolio.
Day 1 with Profits of 587 USD +6%.

Top Movers are:

TenX +26%
Decent +13,2%
EOS +11,4%
Bitcoin +2,8%


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